Can I get a do-over?

If you would have come to my house around five o’clock yesterday afternoon I can promise that you would have turned around, walked out of the door and never returned.  Yesterday wasn’t pretty.  At. All.  Let me paint the picture for you:  an obstinate, cranky, didn’t-get-his-nap-out toddler yelling at the dinner table and refusing to […]

What Would He Say- A poem

What Would He Say What would my husband say if I were to leave this world today, Would he say I gave all that I had to give, that I lived the best life I could possibly live Would he say I was kind and showed love to another, Would he say I put my […]

Lord, save me from myself!

I usually do my best thinking in the middle of the night.  Do you ever have those nights where such profound thoughts are in your heart and head?  Maybe it’s my exhaustion or maybe it’s just the quiet of the night when the Holy Spirit moves in me, preparing me for the day ahead.  As […]