What Would He Say- A poem

What Would He Say

What would my husband say if I were to leave this world today,
Would he say I gave all that I had to give, that I lived the best life I could possibly live

Would he say I was kind and showed love to another,
Would he say I put my Lord God above any other

Would he say my spirit was quiet, gentle or meek,
Would he say I was thoughtful about the words I would speak

Would he say I was humble and overlooked an offense,
Would he say I wasn’t quick to be on the defense

Would he say I was patient, slow to anger and kind,
Would he say I would always keep others’ feelings in mind

What would he say standing in front of those we love,
ould he say I lived out the faith that I confessed with my tongue

If the answer is no he would not say these things,
Then I have big changes to make then it seems

Showing love towards another is a choice, not a feeling,
The Enemy is prowling and our love he is stealing

We must be on guard and constantly seeking our Maker,
He will change our hearts and make us more like the Creator

It’s never too late to make changes and forgive,
This is the only life we were given to live

Let’s not waste it on anger, bitterness and despair,
Love those around you and show others you care

Take the focus off self and put it on Him,
Let’s be the light and run this race ‘til the end




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