From Mommy Monster to Grace Giver

Today started like any other day.  Wake up (correction: woken up), early morning fumbling around, Bob the Builder at an ungodly hour, diapers, breakfast, cleanup, dress kids, dress myself, make beds, start laundry, start dishwasher, oldest off to school, kiss husband goodbye, a deep breath and evaluation of the day ahead.  Hmmmm.  What to do today… still cold out, rainy… limiting us to indoor activities.

I’ll admit… I didn’t start the day off like I should have… in prayer, in the Word and with gratitude and joy.  And I paid the price this morning… I was the mommy monster!  Little tolerance for a high-energy two year old that was like an F4 tornado spinning around my house.  I had my idea of how I wanted the day to go and he had different plans.  I wanted quiet, he wanted loud.  I wanted space, he had no boundaries.  I wanted to drink my coffee, he wanted to dispense ice all over the floor.  I wanted to check emails, he wanted to dump the child-sized bookcase over.  I wanted to finish the laundry, he wanted to let his one year old brother out of the play-pen (repeatedly)   .  He went left when I wanted to go right, we butted heads and mommy monster erupted! It wasn’t pretty and there was some yelling… there were tears, there were hugs, there were big sighs and prayers for help.


Naptime came and so did clarity.  God’s voice urging me to spend time with Him.  Yes, Lord.  Bible, index card and pen in hand I read, I searched and I listened.  I received… God’s grace, wisdom, correction and mercy.  Relief.  Scriptures were like medicine to my soul.  I’m sharing one in particular below.  Maybe you need to hear it too.

God teaches moms so much about grace and mercy.  I truly believe if we listen and have a willing heart God can take us from the mommy monster to the grace giver.  The rest of the day was better…not perfect, but better.  Chocolate chip muffins were baked and laughs were shared, the good outweighed the bad and joy was present.



God showed me this verse today…once in my bible and the other in a devotional book…my heart needed it.

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16



3 thoughts on “From Mommy Monster to Grace Giver

  1. This is my favorite one yet!!! This was me and Parker 3 years ago. Love your writing, tour authenticity, and encouragement too. Love your heart for the Lord, and I see how he’s been growing you through this season. Hugs, friend. Proud of you too.

  2. Really Amanda, an incredible blog !!   You are a fantastic writer, I pray God will encourage you in this because you will certainly be a blessing to young Mommas. I so respect your faith journey, & most certainly you will be richly blessed. We love & respect you so much Amanda, just hang in there as a Momma &. Wife.  Your time will come.  : ).  You are gaining wisdom upon wisdom my sweet girl !!Love You!  XOWe, all, enjoyed Peyton yesterday, it is a hectic house!  We will love this and look forward to having some quiet & solitude by Thursday.  ; )Sent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

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