Kindness Challenge-Week 2

How was week 1?  Pretty easy?   Difficult or out of your comfort zone?  Did you walk away with any new insights or maybe a new friend?

Before I tell you about week 2’s challenge, let me preface it with this… I don’t want it to scare you away or make you run for the hills.  This one is going to be a bit more uncomfortable.  But so rewarding if you’re intentional, prayerful and thoughtful about it.

Week 2:  Do something kind and thoughtful towards a person with whom you have a strained relationship with.   It can be a family member, old friend, co-worker, etc.  Let’s go beyond sending a nice email or shooting a kind text… let’s do something more concrete and personal.

Any questions?  Need some encouragement?  Comment below!  And if you scroll to the bottom you can sign up for blog post emails- they’ll come right to your inbox!



Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.
1 John 3:18


3 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge-Week 2

  1. Week 2’s challenge has been completed! I found this challenge to be a little more difficult/awkward than last weeks challenge!

  2. Yes this was difficult but it made me give some bitterness and judgement up to God evaluating me.

  3. It was more difficult! I had to confront a co-worker who has been nasty and overbearing at work. I prayed about this and it took courage that only He could provide! I did it and in a manner that I feel God is pleased with!

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