The Object of Our Affection

Meet “Baby”.


Baby is my middle son’s lovey; his object of affection. His comfort at bedtime and times of distress… a security whenever he so chooses, even when he’s just playing or eating, Baby is usually close by. Baby has been around since before my son’s birth and truth be told, this is Baby #2. Baby #1 was worn out by love and developed many holes and a broken neck. So we searched and searched the internet until we found the same one, then paid way too much to replace my son’s favorite comfort item. One night I misplaced Baby somewhere in our home. No other stuffed animal or favorite toy would soothe him quite like Baby. There were tears and many requests to find Baby. Finally, to my son’s delight, I found Baby after searching every closet and corner of the house. After that, my child was able to go to sleep peacefully, quietly rubbing Baby’s tail.


Many children have these sorts of things, whether it’s a blanket, a doll, a stuffed animal or something else special to them. It’s familiar and comforting to them, and that’s a good thing. And as children get older they typically no longer need their security items anymore, many referring to them as “babyish”. So we put them away in a box in the attic to be brought out again one day when our children are older, to reminisce and share laughs about these “things” that brought such joy to the hearts of our children.

But what takes the place of these objects of affections? Where is the new joy and comfort found? And as adults, what holds this place in our hearts? What provides us with the security and peace that we once found in familiar objects when we were children. Maybe some of our adult “loveys” include a treasured job, a spouse or parent, money, a beloved home, our children, addictions, our dreams and goals, a hobby or interest, our stuff, memories or maybe we try to simply find it within ourselves. And these things may work for a while. They may temporarily and superficially give us a sense of happiness and security. But there’s always something lacking, isn’t there? A deep-rooted need for something more, maybe we just can’t quite put our finger on it. So we search and we look… we meet goals and we set new ones, never exactly feeling completely satisfied. We’re discontent. Always wanting more. “If I just do this/buy this/achieve this/get this I’ll be happier…” But there’s nothing on this Earth we will find and nothing that we will do that will ever meet those desires of our hearts than a true, personal, living relationship with the One who made us. The yearning in our hearts and the “there’s got to be more to life than this” moments are simply the Lord knocking on the door of our hearts, wanting us to let Him in and experience the life-changing relationship that happens when we surrender. It’s only then that we’ll know true joy and the longings will be met. Our paths will be directed and we’ll finally understand what it means to be satisfied.  What would it be like if we sought out God like our children seek out their special objects of affection?

Believe me, I spent a long time trying to fill the void. I know the search well. I tried to find my “lovey” and my comfort down many avenues. But I can tell you from experience that no amount of “things”, or goals met, or plans in your calendar, or friends or your spouse, your career, the perfect body, dream vacations, your child’s achievements, the cleanest house or whatever else, is going to fill that space in your heart that was only designed for God to fill, whether you know it or not. He designed us to be in relationship with Him. So why do we keep running and spinning our wheels when we don’t have to? One of my favorite verses and a precious reminder is in Psalm 46:10- He says, “Be still, and know that I am God…” Be still. Stop searching. Stop trying to fill the void yourself. Stop looking to others or other things to satisfy your heart. I’ve learned that this just creates frustration at times… turmoil in our hearts. Then we move on to something else expecting a different result. More frustration.

Be still and know.

Know God wants to be in relationship with you. Know He loves you.

Be still & know.

Let Him be the object of your affection…your joy & comfort… your security and delight.

So my prayer would be that we would let God be our “lovey” like “Baby” is for my son right now. And that one day our children will let go of their lovey objects, only to replace them with a precious relationship with their Heavenly Father, who loves them more than we do.



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