Send Your Son Again

Early this morning I sat beside our lit-up Christmas tree and had the opportunity to put into words what’s in my heart.  Last Sunday I felt the desire to write a poem to the Lord, honoring Him this Christmas.  I’m sharing the result of that desire with you and giving all honor and glory to Him.

Christmas has arrived again, joy and cheer abound,
The trees and lights, decorations and sights, it’s all around the town

Gifts are given, wrapped up with a bow, generosity is our desire,
Menus are planned, celebrations are grand, logs are thrown on the fire

Christmas carols, baking and guests, traveling here and there,
Sending cards to friends, throwing change in the tin, Christmas spirit is in the air

Churches are full, Christmas eve services are held and reflection is taking place,
Place the nativity there, by the trees that are bare, and let’s hear about God’s grace

All hear the message! It’s one of hope, a baby King has come today,
Spread the word, oh haven’t you heard! In a manger he lay

Jesus is born, Immanuel, sent by his Father above,
The angels announced, the shepherds did shout! God’s greatest gift of love

But over time the world lost its way, the story was pushed aside,
Shame and sin, disbelief of men, the darkness is growing wide

Some live in fear or with indifferent hearts, not knowing what’s next to come,
Wars and strife, the taking of life, humanity is coming undone

Is this the end, many will ask, but He comes like a thief in the night,
Kneeling in prayer, for protection and care, walking by faith not by sight

How much more pain and grief and loss must each one endure,
Killed for the faith, for His name’s sake, for loving the One so pure

Hunger and sadness, death and disease, so much suffering remains,
To the fallen and broken, God is calling, His love doesn’t change

Christmas reminds of Jesus’s entrance, God became a man
Merciful and true, how faithful are you, please send Your son again


4 thoughts on “Send Your Son Again

  1. Amanda, this is such a beautiful poem, you have a gift & im sure this will be a prayer for all who read it. Very touching, thank you!

  2. I love you and I am so proud of the woman you have become. I see God working in you and through you more and more. You are an amazing mother, wife, and daughter! Love, Mom

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