Prayers for my toilet

I can imagine what you’re thinking about the title of this post.  It does sound weird.  But I promise it’ll make sense in a few minutes.

I have a two-year-old son.  He’s the third two-year-old I’ve raised.  So I have a little experience with two-year-olds.  But he is really, really two.  You know… full two-year-old mode.  Tantrums.  “No!” & “Mine!” and “No, mine!”.  He is cute as all get-out, but he is definitely a stinker with a capital “S”.  And he’s gotten into this horrible, terrible habit of flushing things down the toilet.  You name it, he’s flushed it.  Seriously!  A glass bluebird (I loved that bluebird!), a Velcro hair roller, bath toys, foam letters and other random objects.  He’s thrown everything in the toilet, from a toothbrush to clothing.  My other two boys never went through this “flushing” phase.  Yeah, I’ve caught them with their hands in the potty (ew!), but nothing to this extent.

Over the past year my precious, Mr. Fix-It husband has been able to unclog most of the flushing incidents.  This has included actually removing the toilets from the base and working hard to remove the object.  It’s also included a new toilet in the process (don’t ask).  But recently the culmination of all the objects came to a head and we had to call in the plumbing experts. After a few hours, a big mess and a loud “swoosh!” the 3-day long clog of two bathrooms in our home was over.  Oh, and a hefty bill remained.  But we had a plan to keep the bathroom doors closed and locked and all small, flushable objects were removed from the bathrooms. Or so I thought.

I took my youngest on a quick trip to the grocery store.  We got home and walked into the house; I had one big bag of groceries to carry up the stairs and my son went before me and ran in the direction of his bedroom.  Except that he didn’t go in his room; he went into mine and straight for my bathroom. I heard the flush from the kitchen.  Something didn’t sound right.  I ran back to the bathroom to find my son scurrying guiltily away. I attempted to flush the toilet only to find that something was blocking it from flushing properly. Now I will openly admit that I’m a dramatic woman at times.  But this brought me to tears, especially after all that we’d gone through to remedy the clogged bathrooms a few weeks ago.  I was so frustrated.  At my son.  At myself for not locking the bathroom door.  But mostly for my husband who was going to have to deal with yet another stopped-up toilet.  I dreaded even telling him.  The last thing I wanted him to deal with after a long day at work was to come home to this.

But I did tell him.  And he was able to offer me some encouragement, that the object was probably reachable and he’d eventually fix it.  He hoped.

Two days went by and he hadn’t looked at the toilet yet.  It was driving me nuts.  I just wanted it fixed and to know that we wouldn’t have to a call a plumber and payout another couple hundred dollars that isn’t in our budget.

So I started praying that my husband would be able to easily fix it; that he’d easily be able to remove the object and that we wouldn’t have to call a plumber.

The next evening my sweet husband started the nasty job of draining the toilet and removing it from its base.  With my seven-year-old watching, the two worked upstairs while I checked emails downstairs.  After a few minutes, and hearing my husband struggling to remove the toilet, I started to pray.  “Lord, you know this has been bothering me.  You know we don’t have the extra money to pay a plumber again.  Please let JB fix the toilet easily and help him to remove what’s in there.”  I prayed this a few times. I didn’t dare go up to check on the progress.  But I didn’t need to, because five minutes later my seven-year-old ran downstairs with the top to the candle that my youngest had flushed a few days earlier.  Thank you, Lord!  Thank you!  What a relief!

You might be thinking, “Why is she writing a post about her clogged toilet?”  Or you might be skeptical that God answered my lowly prayer of unclogging the toilet.  But friends, I have no doubt in my mind (or my heart) that God answered that prayer.  That He loves me so much that He is in every detail of my life and hears every prayer, even the seemingly small.  There is nothing too small, too big, too silly or too crazy to pray about.  He just wants us to pray.  To ask Him.  To talk to Him.  Like any loving parent, He patiently waits for us to come to Him with anything and everything.  Like the song says, He’s a good, good Father.  And He even cares about my toilet.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.Philippians 4:6



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