Summer Reading List

I’ve finally set aside some time to share my summer reading list for 2016!  I am finding myself gravitating towards books that will encourage personal and spiritual growth. I’m hungry for wisdom when it comes to marriage and parenting in particular, so I’m sharing some of my recent favorites, along with a couple of book my oldest son and I are reading together.  Links to purchase each book are attached (I use Amazon so I can buy used).  It’s yard sale season so I’ve been picking up many good (and super-cheap!) books at local yard sales as well as thrift shops.  Last week I hit a sale at a local thrift store and got several books for 49 cents a piece!  Today I’m just sharing my most favorites.  They may seem a bit “deep” for summer reading, but I’m really into the books that my son and I read together, which are adventure and fantasy, so it balances out. 🙂

First up…


This book!  This book is so full of wisdom, practical guidance and TRUTH!  A must-read for any Christian wife and mother.  I have a few of Linda Dillow’s books and was able to meet her at an Authentic Intimacy conference last Fall.  I highly recommend this book, no matter how many years you’ve been married! And if you’re in central PA, you’re invited to an Authentic Intimacy conference this September!  See all the details here!


I cannot wait to read this book! This is the updated, modern English version available here.


One of my favorite, most treasured books I own.  Our pastor often quotes A.W. Tozer from this book, so I decided to pick it up and see what it’s about. After sharing bits and pieces of it with my husband, he’s asking to read it when I’m done.  Check it out here.


If you’re a parent to boys, this is a must read!  And I’ve read and researched a LOT of parenting books.  This is far from your typical parenting “guide” and is so full of encouragement, insight, truth and facts!  Written by two formally educated counselors and fathers of boys, this book addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of raising sons.  This, next to God’s Word, offers a wealth of knowledge if you’re desiring to know and nurture your son(s).  I can hardly put it down and is definitely something I’ll go back to time and again.

Our library’s summer reading program inspired my son to do some serious reading this summer.  He reads on his own, but asked if we could read Lord of the Rings together.  I (reluctantly) agreed but now that we’re halfway through the first book of six, I’m really into it and promised we could watch the movie when the book is finished.  It’s full of fantasy and adventure, which his boy-heart loves.  I’m happy to share in his delight and we both look forward to our reading time together each evening.  Check out the series here and look at all of those stars and reviews!

Several months ago we read The Story of Doctor Dolittle and loved it.  We wished there had been more to read, we enjoyed it that much. Now we’re reading The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.  There’s adventure and mystery galore in this one and so much fun to read.

I haven’t gotten to these three yet, but they’re on the list!  Seated with Christ by Heather Holleman (she’s local to our area!), One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer and Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur.

Happy reading!




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