Summer Berries & Cast Iron

I love every single thing about summertime.  The hot sun, long days, yard work, sun tea, fireflies, fresh vegetables from the garden and afternoons spent at the local pool. Since living in the northeast I try and absorb every ray of sun I can because winters can be harsh and long here.  My boys & […]

Be My Valentine cupcakes

With Valentine’s Day only a couple days away, the boys & I decided to whip up some easy Be My Valentine cupcakes yesterday. We had a bit of cabin fever and needed a sweet treat to lift our spirits and give us something to do.  I started with an easy vanilla cake recipe and decided […]

So-Easy-A-Kid-Can-Do-It Egg Salad

“Mom, what’s for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner)!?”  Words that I hear on a daily basis, multiple times a day!  Now that my oldest son is nearing 7 years old he is learning to prepare food for himself, mostly easy things such as sandwiches, cereal, helping with meal prep and snacks.  But today he specifically […]